Sunday, April 20th, 2014

  • AP Workshop 2014

    In July of 2014 I will be offering my usual AP Chemistry Workshop in Atlanta.

    This year will be a watershed event since it will be the first following me teaching a year of the new curriculum. How did it go? Which inquiry labs did I do? How did I fulfill CR4? For that matter, what IS CR4!?

    With the inquiry labs behind me and a whole new perspective on delivering the new course, it should be a good one.

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    AP Workshop 2014
  • AP Crash Course Book

    My latest book, the 2nd Edition of REA’s AP Chemistry Crash Course, was released on January 15th, 2014.

    Fully updated for the new AP exam, you can order on Amazon right now, or alternatively find in at your local bookstore.

    The book comes with online access to a practice exam and lots of ‘Test Tips’. A must to boost that AP grade!

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    AP Crash Course Book
  • Clients & Partners

    As a freelancer I have written for many different clients, partners and publishers.

    My work ranges from children’s books, through assessment materials, on to textbooks and article & blog writing.

    I am constantly looking for new short, mid and long term projects to be involved with.

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    Clients & Partners
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Adrian Dingle’s Chemistry Pages.

    Here you’ll find a multitude of resources for the teaching and learning associated with high school chemistry at all levels, and even a little beyond. Some are free, some require a subscription, but there should be plenty of things to keep you busy whether you are looking for worksheets, tutoring or general advice.

    Please excuse our virtual dust as we transition fully from the old site to the new, the completion of which is scheduled for 2014.

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  • ADCP Goes Mobile!

    If you are viewing the site on a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone, you should see some significant changes that make your mobile browsing a little easier.

    Please bear with me as we work out a few kinks that are inevitable with this kind of project.

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    ADCP Goes Mobile!
  • Latest News

    Mine was one of the featured vignette stories on the American Chemical Society, ‘My ACS Story’ site.

    I talk about the link to the real (chemistry) world that ACS provides, that in turn ultimately enhances my teaching and writing.

    Check out the other ACS stories at the link below.

    My ACS Story»

    Latest News
  • Book News

    Just in case you were wondering, and if you have friends in Istanbul,  ‘How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients‘ is now available in Turkish!

    The Turkish edition complements the English, German, Slovenian and Japanese editions that are already conquering the globe.

    The next iteration of ’92′ is planned for Taiwanese. Fascinating.

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    Book News
  • Global Online Academy

    The Global Online Academy is an exciting, relatively new venture in virtual education. A consortium of schools, primarily in North America but expanding across the globe, are offering an increasingly diverse and enticing range of classes that can be used for credit at the institution of the student.

    In the summer of 2013 I taught An Introduction to Organic Chemistry in the GOA, which was an adaptation of my traditional, ‘bricks & mortar’, Intro to Organic class. In January of 2015 I will be teaching Organic Chemistry in Modern Life, a new course that focuses on the impact and application of modern organic molecules.

    Read more about the GOA here »

    Global Online Academy
  • Improve Test Scores

    Many students find chemistry a challenge. The often abstract ideas and concepts, coupled with some demanding math, can make any chemistry course a stressful one. Whether students are simply looking to improve a class grade or want to ace the AP exam or SAT subject test, individual mentoring and tutoring can help them to achieve their goals.

    Face to face tutoring with Adrian is now available literally worldwide, via tools such as Skype, Google+ Hangouts and other virtual forums. You too can become an ex-student of mine, like all of the guys in the picture to the right, who found one of my books in the MIT bookstore!

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    Improve Test Scores
  • Award Winning Books

    Adrian’s books have been printed in multiple languages and have won international awards.

    With hundreds of thousands of copies sold around the world and ranging from elementary and middle school chemistry ‘fun’, through to college 101 academic work, they span the full gamut of the junior chemistry genre.

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    Award Winning Books

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