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  • 2017 AP Chem Infographic

    Here’s the 2017 AP Chemistry Infographic that you can download in both PNG and PDF formats.

    It gives you all the details on the logistics of the AP Chemistry exam, including notes on calculator use, the equations and constants sheet, the number and type of question, and information about how the exam is graded.

    Feel free to use liberally!

    Downloads Here »

    2017 AP Chem Infographic
  • AP Review Courses 2017

    Are you an AP Chemistry Student? Time for AP Chemistry Review? Need to boost your AP score?

    Then my ONLINE AP Chemistry Review Course is for you.

    The review course will be offered twice in April of 2017.

    Full Details on 2017 Review Courses »

    AP Review Courses 2017
  • 2017 AP Chem Workshops

    Time for professional development? Need to boost your AP scores? Want the real skinny on the AP chemistry audit, course and exam? Then my ONLINE AP Chemistry Workshops will be offered again in the summer of 2017.

    The online version of the workshop was delivered twice in 2014 (and for many years previously, face-to-face), twice in 2015 and twice in 2016, and the remote option has quickly become established as the most popular option.

    I have already learned so much and I have just finished module 4.” – KM, August 2014.

    Full Details on 2017 Workshops »

    2017 AP Chem Workshops
  • ChemMatters Dec 2016

    Read my cover story for the December 2016 edition of the American Chemical Society’s high school chemistry magazine, ChemMatters.

    It’s all about the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and it also comes with the ‘Open For Discussion’ extension piece.

    Electronic version »

    ChemMatters Dec 2016
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Adrian Dingle’s Chemistry Pages.

    Here you’ll find a multitude of resources for the teaching and learning associated with high school chemistry at all levels, and even a little beyond. Resources are for teachers, parents and students. Some are free, some require a subscription, but there should be plenty of things to keep you busy.

    You’ll also be able to read out about all of my professional activities, including my books and my other writing.

    About Adrian »

  • Book Galleries

    Check out the newly added book galleries for images taken from my books.

    Collections from both How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients, and The Periodic Table, Elements With Style! are included.

    The English versions and multiple other languages are represented.

    Book Galleries »

    Book Galleries
  • New Book Project!

    Announcing an exciting new project!

    A couple of weeks ago I signed a contract with the Hachette Book Group USA, to adapt Sam Kean’s wonderful book The Disappearing Spoon for younger readers. Yeah, THAT Disappearing Spoon!

    Many of you will be familiar with the original book, and I hope that you will also enjoy the new version.

    More Here »

    New Book Project!
  • AACT

    My affiliation with the American Association of Chemistry Teachers has taken, and continues to take, multiple forms.

    In June of 2015 I was elected from a field of 27 educators across the USA, as the inaugural, High School Ambassador on the Governing Board of the AACT.

    I have written for the AACT’s Chemistry Solutions magazine on more than one occasion, and will be conducting a webinar for the association later in the 2016-17 school year.

    More on the AACT Here »

  • Periodic Table Abuse!

    The Periodic Table Abuse Project catalogs the multitude of ways that the beauty and order of the periodic table is abused!

    Whether it be symbol abuse, organizational abuse or just plain old ugly disrespect, I’m looking to out everyone.

    If you see an abuse then please contact me.

    Periodic Table Abuse »

    Periodic Table Abuse!
  • Круто! More Book News

    The Russian language version of How To Make a Universe With 92 Ingredients is now available for purchase in the USA. You can buy it here.

    If you speak the language you can watch (what I assume) is a review and/or synopsis here.

    Russian Video Review »

    Круто! More Book News
  • Book Wins AIP Award

    On October 3rd of 2014, the American Institute of Physics announced that my book, How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients had won their, 2014 Science Communication Award in the children’s category.

    Tremendously exciting, and my sincere thanks go to all that helped with the book.

    AIP Press Release »

    Book Wins AIP Award
  • CHF Fellow

    I am a former Société de Chimie Industrielle Fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. My research there dealt with the history of the discovery of the chemical elements.

    More about the SdCI at CHF »

    CHF Fellow
  • AP Chem Crash Course

    My latest book, the 2nd Edition of REA’s AP Chemistry Crash Course, was released on January 15th, 2014.

    Fully updated for the new AP exam, you can order on Amazon right now, or alternatively find in at your local bookstore.

    The book comes with online access to a practice exam and lots of ‘Test Tips’. A must to boost that AP grade!

    More On Adrian’s Books »

    AP Chem Crash Course
  • Clients & Partners

    As a freelancer and author, I have written for many different clients, partners and publishers.

    My work ranges from children’s books, through assessment materials, on to textbooks as well as article & blog writing.

    I am constantly looking for new short, mid, and long term projects to be involved with, and I would love to discuss your wants & needs when it comes to chemistry writing of all types.

    More On Adrian’s Books & Writing »

    Clients & Partners
  • Book News

    Recently, OwlKids Books in Canada started distributing, and selling, How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients here in North America.

    Complete with those crazy American spellings for ‘color’ in the paint and firework spreads, the North American release represents the latest of my books making it into a ‘new’ language!

    More On Adrian’s Books »

    Book News
  • Improve Test Scores

    Many students find chemistry a challenge. The often abstract ideas and concepts, coupled with some demanding math, can make any chemistry course a stressful one. Whether students are simply looking to improve a class grade or want to ace the AP exam or SAT subject test, individual mentoring and tutoring can help them to achieve their goals.

    Face to face tutoring with me is now available literally worldwide, via tools such as Skype, Google+ Hangouts and other virtual forums. You too can become an ex-student of mine, like all of the guys in the picture to the right, who found one of my books in the MIT bookstore!

    More On Tutoring Services »

    Improve Test Scores
  • Award Winning Books

    My books have been printed in multiple languages and have won international awards.

    With hundreds of thousands of copies sold around the world and ranging from elementary and middle school chemistry ‘fun’, through to college 101 academic work, they span the full gamut of the junior chemistry genre.

    More On My Books »

    Award Winning Books
  • About Adrian

    Adrian Dingle is an educator, author, speaker and presenter, who specializes in chemistry at the K-12 and college 101 level.

    His teaching experience crosses two continents, and spans 25 years in the private and public sectors.

    As an author, Adrian has best selling books and an extensive list of writing credits on his resume, including working for Barnes & Noble/SparkNotes, The College Board, The Discovery Channel, REA, Shmoop University Inc. and many, many others.

    About Adrian »

    About Adrian

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