Friday, April 25th, 2014

New and Odd AP Topic Review 2014

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All of the topics below are things that I consider to be ‘odd’, or that are new for 2014. These are brief comments that are expanded upon in my notes, and in the REA AP Chemistry Crash Course book that I authored. Some of these concepts will be reflected in the ‘Exam From Hell’. PES […]

Subscriber Updates (04-20-14)


AP Worksheet 02e has been tweaked to remove any references to hybridization beyond sp3.

(Another) 50 (tiny) things to remember during the AP chemistry exam: REDUX for 2014

Here’s another update, this time on the second, ’50 tiny things’ with a 2014 twist. The original list is here. 1. Organic amines like methylamine, CH3NH2, are weak bases since the lone pair on the N atom can accept H+. 2. Nickel (II) salts are green. 3. Positive Ecell values go with negative Delta G […]

50 (tiny) things to remember during the AP chemistry exam: REDUX for 2014

I wrote this original list back in May of 2013 for the old exam, so wanted to update it for the new curriculum this year (2014). I have removed any, now irrelevant ‘tiny things’, and replaced them with new, ‘tiny things’! 1. The speed of a chemical reaction is not related to the equilibrium position. […]

AP Chemistry 2014 – Logistics Infographic

AP Chemistry 2014(1)

Need a heads up on the new exam format for AP Chemistry in 2014? Look no further!  

Data Driven AP MCQ’s

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Taking inspiration from a document originally created by Brinn Belyea (thanks, Brinn), I created the following document which attempts to replicate the questions sets that we are expecting to see on the new, AP exam in May. DATA DRIVEN AP MCQ SETS Please feel free to comment and correct as necessary. Here are some comments, […]

Coming this summer….


Each year, the period between the first week in May and the first week in August represents the time when I get a chance to reflect, and I update my materials and the web site. This summer will be an especially interesting one as I reflect upon one year with the new AP curriculum. Here […]

Subscriber Updates (04-05-14)


The Unit 3 notes have had a minor correction made to them. On page 35, a unit has been changed from atm to M.

AP Review 2013-14

AP Review Schedule 2014

Here’s the AP Review schedule for the Spring of 2014. This is a first draft and some tweaking will almost certainly need to take place in the next four and a half weeks, but this will give a solid feel to what will be happening with my students between now (April 3rd) and May 5th. […]

Net Ionic Equations in the AP exam 2014 and Beyond


As we all continue to speculate about the role of NIE’s in the new exam, I adapted my old TOPIC 12 notes in an attempt to focus things a little more. These notes probably still represent overkill at this stage, and to be honest they aren’t that much different to the old notes on NIE’s, […]