Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Subscriber Updates (09-29-14)


The UNIT 3 notes have been updated with various tweaks, one of the main ones being the re-introduction of the Nernst equation.

Periodicity: A couple more things

Electron Affinity Table

When you read my AP notes on periodicity from Big Idea 1, you’ll find a couple of popular things missing. These two things have been omitted deliberately, but I wanted to touch upon them here, just in case you run into them when looking at other resources connected to AP chemistry, or if you want […]

Subscriber Updates (09-18-14)


AP Worksheet 01f has been slightly amended.

Subscriber Updates (09-15-14)


AP notes for Unit 01 have been updated with the word ‘left’ replacing with the word ‘right’, on page 34!

Subscriber Updates (09-09-14)


OK, there have been quite a lot of significant additions and updates surrounding the intense activity of the opening of the school year. In the last couple of weeks you may have noticed the following changes; AP Worksheets o1m (Beer’s law) and o1o (organic molecules in Mass Spec) have been added (answers to 01o are […]

Developing more thoughts on Mass Spec

Excerpt Worksheet 01o

Following this original post on Mass Spec (written long before the new curriculum came into play) I have had some further thoughts on mass spec, and these extensions have been reflected both in a worksheet that I used last year, and a brand new worksheet for 2014-15. The worksheet that I used last year, AP […]

Developing more thoughts on PES

PES Mixture

When composing this post about the College Board Webinar relating to PES in February of this year, I wrote; The things to take away from these much more complicated spectra for me, are two-fold; (i) Unlike in the simulated spectra, where the intensity (height) of the peak directly relates to the number of electrons in […]

Organic Nomenclature – 25 years in

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 9.13.03 AM

I’ve been teaching some form of Organic Chemistry at the High School and College 101 level for 25 years now, and although that doesn’t make me any kind of expert on the subject matter, it does give my a pretty decent handle on some of the basic misconceptions that students who approach the beast for […]

2015 AP Chemistry Infographic

AP Chemistry 2015 Infographic

Here it is.

Subscriber Updates (08-12-14)


A few minor tweaks have been made to the Unit o notes, including an additional problem added to Task 0Biv Q1., a light editing of the History of the Atom, and the addition of a LO reference.