Sunday, January 25th, 2015

AIP Award in San Diego

AIP presentation

It took me a week to get over the jet-lag before I got around to posting this, but last Monday I was honored to receive the American Institute of Physics, Science Communication Award for 2014 in the Children’s Section. The award was presented for my book, How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients. Jason […]

More, tiny, simple, nasty sulfur analogs in the news

Hydrogen sulfide

You’ve no doubt heard the warnings about the deadly chemical compound that is threatening the whole of mankind, dihydrogen monoxide. Schoolchildren of all ages have been urged to fight against this chemical menace and its ubiquitous presence in our lives! All joking aside, as I outlined in this earlier post, oxygen and sulfur atoms are […]

Tiny, deadly and related molecules

Methanethiol 3D

Over the course of the last few months, a small, very simple, quite well-known, and potentially deadly molecule has been in the news. If you are inclined to pay attention to such things, you may know that this simple molecule was responsible for these recent, frightening incidents; September 3rd, 2014: Fire at a Discovery Museum […]

Subscriber Updates (10-27-14)


The UNIT 2 notes have been updated with various tweaks.

Meme for Mole Day ’14

2014 Mole Day Meme

This was my 2014, Mole Day Meme. 2013’s can be found, here.  

’92’, The Russian Version! (Pinterest)

'92', The Russian Version Pinterest

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Mole Day? Have at it, but do me a favor

Don't be shortsighted

Mole Day approaches. What is Mole Day? It’s October the 23rd each year (10/23, geddit?), when some chemistry teachers decide to devote many class activities to the ‘celebration’ of the chemical mole – Avogadro’s number. Now, it will hardly be a revelation when I tell you that I’ve never ‘celebrated’ Mole Day, nor will I […]

Book Awarded


I had some amazing news confirmed yesterday. The book that I wrote back in 2011, and that has already won the 2011 School Library Association of the UK Information Book Award in England, and the 2012 Wissenschaftsbuch des Jahre Children’s Award in Austria, has now been recognized for a third time, this time here in […]

Subscriber Updates (09-29-14)


The UNIT 3 notes have been updated with various tweaks, one of the main ones being the re-introduction of the Nernst equation.

Periodicity: A couple more things

Electron Affinity Table

When you read my AP notes on periodicity from Big Idea 1, you’ll find a couple of popular things missing. These two things have been omitted deliberately, but I wanted to touch upon them here, just in case you run into them when looking at other resources connected to AP chemistry, or if you want […]