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I’m Adrian Dingle. I’m a true “chemistry freelancer” and Subject Matter Expert (SME). I bring thirty-two years of full-time classroom chemistry teaching experience, and tens of thousands of hours of one-on-one chemistry tutoring across the globe, to a seventeen year writing career that includes several best-selling, international award-winning chemistry books and a burgeoning portfolio of other chemistry writing projects.

A chemistry educator, tutor, writer and author, you’ll find my deep expertise applied wherever the need for an explanation of chemistry exists, and where a void in communicating chemistry to children, students or an adult audience is found.


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Chemistry puzzling you? If it is, I can help

Many students find their chemistry classes challenging ones. Reasons include the intellectual demands of the subject, difficulties with the mathematical aspects of chemistry, and problems associated with the instruction that they are receiving at school or college. As a result, many students will fail to reach their full potential

1-on-1 chemistry tutoring with an enormously experienced teacher, who has an extensive track-record of examination success, can help them to reach that potential

The Results


The average AP Score of 600 students, over 17 years, at 1 school

Where, over the previous 6 years, the average AP score was 3.7. Adding an average of ⬆️ 1.0 ⬆️ to AP scores.

97 % of the students in my AP classes scored 4 or 5



The average AP Score of 45 students, over 3 years, at 1 school

Where, over the previous 13 years, the average AP score was 3.6. Adding an average of ⬆️ 0.6 ⬆️ to AP scores

95 % of the students in my AP classes scored 3, 4 or 5


What My Tutees Say

“I’d like to thank you for all your help in preparing for the AP Chemistry exam. I just received my results, and I’m very happy to say that I got a 5. This is in part thanks to you and your guidance. With gratitude.”

‘A’ in California

“I want to thank you for the work you’ve done with me the past year, as I think it really paid off. I got a 5 on the AP Chem exam. My mother says she will refer you to other students. Again, I appreciate it lots.”

‘R’ in California


Projects either in the works or recently published




I worked with DK’s team on converting the original Smithsonian Supersimple Chemistry book into a set of striking Flash Cards, that highlight the most important text and make for a great way to review a ton of material in super-quick time. Coming February 2022

A fantastic aid for coursework, homework, and studying for tests, this comprehensive guide covers Next Generation Science Standards, for grades 6-10 and will have you ready for tests and exams in no time

Look out for an additional, similar project, also with DK, later in 2022 as well!




My latest book!

Chemistry comes alive with hands-on science experiments for kids ages 5 to 10

The world of chemistry is packed with awesome ways for kids to learn and play! Filled with colorful and gooey fun, these science experiments for kids are sure to get them interested in discovering how different substances react together

Whether it’s creating fizzy bath bombs or making batteries out of coins, each of these science experiments for kids provides a simple hypothesis and the guidance they need to test it out for themselves


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The best-selling review book that put simply, increases your AP score

“Not only was this book an awesome resource to use for the AP exam, I have continued to use it as a reference in college. The material is so well organized and so thorough, despite being such a short book. The online review was an awesome bonus and I used it to prepare for the AP exam”




More chances to read my published work

“Dear Adrian, Today is my birthday. My eighteenth birthday. This feels like a good excuse to write to you – I’ve been meaning to write for a couple years, to thank you for your writing. Eight years ago, aged 10, after forgetting to pack my miniature painting set when I went on holiday, my mum bought me a book to cheer me up. I read your book ‘How to Make a Universe with 92 Ingredients’ at least three times that fortnight, cover-to-cover, and I was hooked by the chemistry, fascinated by the unseen world that I could explore. Inspired by your book, I would steal my brother’s textbooks to read at night, set up the family camera to film my own chemistry videos, and – most importantly – I started experimenting at home. I took my Chemistry GCSE (I live in the UK) aged twelve, four years early. I was the youngest student in the country to get a GCSE A* in 2014 in any subject. Now 18, I’m taking the International Baccalaureate, studying Maths, Chemistry and Physics at higher level. I’m applying to study Natural Sciences (Physical) at Cambridge University.” – Tom

November 2019


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