Dear College Board……Expanded Comments on the 2008 AP Exam

OK, so after some time to reflect on my initial reaction to the 2008 exam here; Initial 2008 Comments here are a few more thoughts on the 2008 AP exam. OVERALL: Well, the trend for easier AP exams has continued. When comparing recent Free Response (and MC for that...

Initial 2008 AP Exam Comments

My initial comments on the 2008 Free Response can be found here; 2008 AP Exam Comments More extensive comments are found here;

2008 AP Free Response DRAFT Answers

My DRAFT 2008 Free Response Answers are now available here for a VERY LIMITED TIME. Please feel free to criticize and correct. DOUBTLESS there will be comments required! 2008, 1 2008, 2 2008, 3 2008, 4 2008, 5 2008, 6