UTC: Saturday, May 26th, 2018

2015 #MoleDay Meme

#MoleDay 2015

2013 is here, 2014 is here, and my general thoughts are here.


  1. How about, “You celebrated Mole Day and you didn’t have time to teach Acids and Bases?!?” I’ve spoken with people who fall into that category. Maybe I shouldn’t be such a stick in the mud.

  2. Dr. Daniel Price says:

    It took me years to work up the courage, but now I avoid the mention of 6.022 etc. The specific number is not important. No real chemist of my acquaintance (including myself) ever calculates the number of atoms in a laboratory sample. The existence of the number is important. Its numerical value is not.

    • Well, I’m teaching AP chemistry and I’m not a real chemist, so it has significant relevance to me. However, maybe the College Board will soon axe it in favor of the latest Ed. fad, and then I’ll be able to jettison it for some newfangled BS.

  3. daveeckstrom says:

    I agree that doing most mole day activities is probably a waste of time for most chemistry classes. However, taking part out of your life every year to complain about other people doing mole day activities isn’t really super-douper efficient, either, right?

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