My 2016 AP Exam Draft Answers and comments appear below. The questions are here. Should you find an error PLEASE let me know by commenting on this post below, rather than emailing me or using the contact form me (that way all problems can be addressed here), and I will comment/change as necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: Any of my comments below about how your individual answers might be graded, are highly speculative – you should not take them as fact!

AP Chemistry 2016

Many, many, many words! Reading comprehension rules! As a recent commenter to my blog wrote, “… I would take the kid who knows tricky algebra stoichiometry/equilibrium questions (who had no access to labs) over the one who has lab experience (but is bad on algebra)…”


DRAFT Answer 1

The obsession with lab procedures without a lab exam continues, and is ironic. I still hate mole of reaction, and particulate diagrams. The whole, ‘interactions of ions with water’ also seems to be a new obsession with the CB/TDC. Very easy, but of course answers to (c), (d) and (e) will probably drop a lot of points.

DRAFT Answer 2

Very easy, and a ridiculously complex way of asking about a Lewis structure that, for my money, could be asked in a whole host of more elegant ways. If you want to test resonance then fine, but this question is a reading comprehension nightmare.

DRAFT Answer 3

Oh look, ANOTHER lab! I wouldn’t want to have to grade (c), and the IMF interaction obsession continues in (d).

DRAFT Answer 4

‘Deprotonated’ is another buzzword that is heavily embedded in the CED, but (b) is a good question.

DRAFT Answer 5

Seems SO easy, with a complication that could confuse (see #6 here).

DRAFT Answer 6

(b) is potentially confusing, but I wrote about it here in scenario #2.

DRAFT Answer 7

I am assuming that what I have taught for almost 30 years, that the second decimal place on a buret should either be a zero (on a line), or a 5 (between graduations), is correct, but I’ll guess that we’ll see!