I finally got around to writing a few questions for the Exam From Hell, but it is not as comprehensive as I originally wanted it to be. Rather than the ‘Exam from Hell’, it’s more, ‘a few questions from Hell!’

Exam From Hell

Exam From Hell!

Please note:

This document is currently only available to subscribers and is definitely in a first draft phase.

I think that one could be very critical of these questions as ‘potential exam questions’, since I deliberately did not try to align them to specific LO’s. In some cases they do match LO’s, and as such I suppose that they could (after some tweaking and review) become exam questions, but in other cases they certainly would not pass muster in terms of getting on the exam. No matter, what I was trying to do here was to get a few ‘off the wall’, ‘hard’, ‘odd’ questions, that relate to either new or (what I consider) ‘non-chemistry material’ in the curriculum rather than create a viable exam.

Anyway, I hope this is of some help.