Normally I do not share any of my tests, but since we are still largely in the dark about the exact nature of Net Ionic Equation Writing on the 2007 AP Exam and beyond, I would like to get some feedback on what I put in front of my students as being my “best guess” for what may appear in May 2007. Please take a look and let me know what you think, but when you do consider the following context;

1. With the new requirement to balance AND with choice removed, I think it is going to to be very difficult for the CB to ask some of the more complicated REDOX equations that require “difficult to balance” half-reactions. As a result, on this test I purposely included MANY less of the complex redox reactions than I have in the past. (I think that Manganate (VII) and Dichromate(VI) are very much IN play, but disproportionation and other more difficult redox are less likely to appear – just my guess).

2. In the absence of any other knowledge I graded the test thus;

Each set of three questions was out of a total of 15 points. Each question was awarded points in this manner;

1 point for “perfect” reactants (ignoring coefficients, but there must be ALL the reactants present and NOTHING else).

2 points available for products. partial credit (i.e. 1) was available here.

1 point for balancing, but this was only awarded if at least 1 out of 3 was scored on reactants and products part, AND charges balanced too.

1 point for the question that followed.

3. The usual restrictions and copyright notices apply.

The test can be viewed here; AP TOPIC 12 TEST 2007