I have finalized a plan for two, online, AP Chemistry Workshops for the summer of 2014. Here is an outline of the course, with some details. If, after reading this post (and some of the anticipated FAQ’s) you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for taking the time to check this out, I hope to serve you this summer!


When? The 1st course will ‘open’ at 7.00 AM on Sunday July 6th, and will ‘close’ at 4.00 PM on Saturday July 12th. The whole course will be accessible between those times, but not before and not after those times. I am planning another course of the same length starting on August 3rd.

What? The content will be similar to that which I have delivered in my regular, in-person, 3 day, AP workshops over the last few years, but obviously without the hands-on lab component* and with only limited synchronous meetings (I do plan to offer a few, synchronous meetings during the course). There will be a number of modules that you can work through at your own pace including a discussion of the 2014 AP exam questions, a deconstruction of the practice exam, discussion of common misconceptions, new & newly emphasized content (Mass Spec, PES, particulate diagrams) and other topics. *labs will be discussed, but obviously without doing them!

How? The course will be delivered via the Canvas LMS. Most of the modules involve some reading of documents and web based items, followed by reporting back via discussion groups. You will also be asked to contribute by creating material (questions/activities) that can be shared with the group.

Who? I will moderate and create all of the content, discussions and assignments that make up the course, BUT the success of the course certainly relies upon the input from the delegates.

How much? The cost of the course will be $225.00 which is non-refundable (see below for an exception if the course does not ‘make’). The cost of the course includes a $10 credit at the Amazon Kindle store for you to purchase my Crash Course AP Chemistry book that we will reference during the course.

How do I sign up? Contact me and I will respond on an individual basis or simply purchase via PayPal using the button below.



A few points to note;

  • These will be the inaugural online courses, and they will be somewhat experimental. It will rely heavily on the willingness of participants to contribute, so please bear that in mind before signing up. The course can only be as good as your involvement, so I am looking for willing souls and enthusiasm!
  • Before either course can run, I need a certain minimum number of paid participants. This means that I must have your payment, in my possession, on or before midnight on Monday, June 23rd for the 1st course. At that point I will assess if the course can run, and on Tuesday, June 24th, I will do one of two things;

either cancel the course (because too few people have signed up) and process a full refund of the cost


confirm that the course will run, and begin the process of giving out access details prior to July 6th.

a similar arrangement will be in place for the August course.

 Anticipated FAQ’s;

Can I get a heads-up on the type of things that will be covered in the course? The online course will NOT be identical to the in-person courses that I have run in the past, but it will be modeled along similar lines. Here are a couple of summaries from 2012 and 2011 that should give you a decent handle on the course content – Also see the comments below for even more detail.

Will you accept a school/district check or PO? Yes, as long as I get payment in my hands by June 23rd for the first course and a similar situation for the second. I can also issue invoices very easily.

I already have your AP Crash Course book so do not need to purchase it. Do I still get the $10 gift card? Yes, congratulations, you just made $10!

Do I have to use the Amazon Kindle gift card to buy the AP Crash Course book? I suppose not, but parts of the online course will refer to it so you will ‘need’ it!

Do I have to have a Kindle to access the AP Crash Course book? No. You can either purchase the book in hard copy prior to the course starting, or read the book electronically on a Mac or PC using Amazon’s free reading apps.

Are there assignments that I need to complete during the course? Tasks will certainly be asked of you but they are completed at your discretion. However, all of your fellow participants will be most grateful if you DO complete the tasks, since they add to the value and the richness of the course. Without your willingness to contribute to discussions and post your thoughts, comments and ideas, the course could be very dry – please be enthusiastic and contribute! There will be a specific part of the course that asks you to post a ‘classroom ready’ activity.

Can I get ongoing, professional development credit (PLU’s) for the course? Yes! The training program entitled ‘AP Chemistry Workshop’ has been approved for 2 PLUs as of 6/3/2014 and is now listed on the GADOE Professional Learning website.

Does the course come with access to all of your AP materials? No, but some materials will be used such as specific worksheets and excerpts from the notes. In addition I will be offering discounted rates on subscriptions for workshop participants.

Will I know who else is taking the course with me? Yes, I will provide all participants with the contact details of all the other participants, so we can improve collaboration and collegiality.

What special hardware and software do I need? A free Skype account, a computer with a webcam and internet access is about the size of it. I may ask participants to create a free Google+ account if Skype does not fulfill our needs (to be determined). Please feel free to contact me with other questions.