Placed in the public domain by the College Board at ChemEd 2017, here are the 2017 FRQ Average Scores. Here are the 2017 FRQ’s themselves. Honestly, not much to report here but enjoy, and please ask questions in the comments. The official answers can be found here. My answers to the 2017 FRQ’s can be found here.

In addition to bars that represent scores of of ‘0’ for each question, you will also see a bar to the far left of the x-axis that represents the number scripts where that particular question was not even attempted. These bars tend to be highest toward the end of the exam where kids either run out of time or simply give up.

The 2017 FRQ Average Scores are complimented by the Chief Readers report.

In addition to this post, you might like to read my analysis of the 2017 released exam. It will give some context to these scores, and gives a complete breakdown of my thoughts regarding the exam.

Question 1

Q1 2017 FRQ AverageQuestion 2

Q2 2017 FRQ AverageQuestion 3

Q3 2017 FRQ AverageQuestion 4

Q4 2017 FRQ AverageQuestion 5

Q5 2017 FRQ AverageQuestion 6

Q6 2017 FRQ Average

Question 7Q7 2017 FRQ Average