I delivered APCLAM for the first time in August of 2009 at Radford University in Radford, VA, USA at ChemEd 2009. I decided to share my ideas on APCLAM since in my opinion the AP Chemistry assessment is in desparate need of a laboratory exam.

The presentation gives context to, and summarizes, my philosophy, and attempts to rationalize and validate that approach. Here you can read about the presentation, but to truly understand and appreciate all the nuances, you need to hear me deliver it in person. I hope to deliver the presentation several times again, at various venues in the USA, in the future.

The presentation usually fits into a one hour time slot and is divided into a 45-50 minute long PowerPoint presentation with time at the end reserved for questions and dialogue.

It is important to appreciate that I do not read from the presentation notes verbatim - they simply represent an outline that prompts me, and that inevitably a large amount of context and body language are missing from reading them here, rather than being at the presentation. For a true feel of my views, strategies, philosophies and methods, one would have to attend the presentation in person.

Download AP Chemistry Labs and Me presenation notes in .pdf format.

Download AP Chemistry Labs and Me Powerpoint presenation in .pdf format.