UTC: Saturday, December 15th, 2018

To teach paramagnetism in AP or not?

Actually, that’s NOT what I’m talking about here. This post isn’t about whether paramagnetism is (or is not) testable, rather it’s about some much bigger point. I think it has the potential to help inexperienced teachers. I hear a lot that ‘paramagnetism is no longer tested, because I did a search of the CED and […]

2018 AP Chemistry Released Exam Draft Answers

My 2018 AP Chemistry Released Exam Draft Answers & Comments appear below. The questions are here. These are DRAFT answers and may change as errors are pointed out to me, and other thoughts come to my mind. Should you find an error PLEASE let me know by commenting on this post below, rather than emailing […]

5 things your AP chemistry teacher could do to maximize your score

Five things your AP chemistry teacher could do to maximize your AP score. 1. Finish the content that could be tested on the AP exam. Right, sounds insane that anything else would happen, right? Who isn’t fulfilling that, absolutely fundamental, responsibility? Answer, a lot of AP Chem teachers aren’t. The reasons usually fall into one […]

Not an Organic Textbook – Part 2. AHAs and cosmetics

You can read more about the origin of this post, here. When it comes to nomenclature, organic chemistry is notoriously full of contradictions, historical accidents and anomalies. It is often very messy! I quite often write about this, for example, here and here. For a change, the informal IUPAC term, alpha hydroxy acid or AHA, […]

Online AP Chemistry Review Courses 2018

In the Spring of 2018 I will once again be offering Online AP Chemistry Review Courses for AP Chemistry STUDENTS. For many years I have offered the very popular Online AP Chemistry Summer Workshops for teachers, and now it’s time to boost AP scores from a student point of view. I will offer two, independent, six […]

AP Chemistry Summer Workshops 2018 Online

AP Chemistry Summer Workshops 2018 Online: Once again this coming summer, I plan to offer two, AP Chemistry Teacher Workshops, and I’d love to have you join me. These courses will be the 9th and 10th respectively, that I have offered online. Below you will find details of the workshops but, if after reading this […]

Not an Organic Textbook – Part 1. Poop, coffee, beer and deer

A few years ago, I spent a couple of years writing an organic chemistry textbook of sorts. I say ‘of sorts’, since it was aimed at a high school audience, so to call it a ‘textbook’ seems a little grandiose to say the least. If I’m honest, looking back it should have been obvious to […]

2017 AP Chemistry Reading

With 2017 AP Chemistry Reading finishing a few days ago, we have now begun to hear from some of the readers with their notes and reflections regarding the grading of the 2017 Operational Exam. I wanted to collate all that I have heard about the reading in this blog post, together with some data released […]

Unofficial 2017 AP Chemistry Question Average Scores

Placed in the public domain by readers, here they are the unofficial 2017 AP Chemistry Question Average Scores. Honestly, not much to report here, but enjoy and please ask questions in the comments. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7

Lamenting the loss of inorganic in AP Chemistry

The second week in May is always an odd time of year for me. With the administration of the AP exam behind me, the whole purpose of the majority of my teaching for the year has passed, and I am left to reflect. It’s this same time of year that I see my ex-colleagues across […]