UTC: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

My favorite element

When you do my job(s), and you write the kind of stuff that I write, the question of what my favorite element might be comes up a lot – quite a lot in fact. Actually I don’t think that the question is one that I would have ever give any thought to were it not […]

Deadly gas is common AP chem analog

Ammonia, NH3, is a pretty ubiquitous chemical substance when it comes to AP Chemistry. Not so much much in terms of actually encountering it in the lab, but rather as a molecule that can be used to illustrate a ton of useful concepts that are required knowledge at this level. A few simple examples are; […]

Online AP Chemistry Review Courses 2017

In the Spring of 2017 I will be offering the inaugural, Online AP Chemistry Review Courses for AP Chemistry STUDENTS. For many years I have offered the very popular Online AP Chemistry Summer Workshops for teachers, and now it’s time to boost AP scores from a student point of view. I will offer two, independent, six […]

AP Chemistry Summer Workshops 2017 Online

AP Chemistry Summer Workshops 2017 Online: Once again this summer, I plan to offer two, AP Chemistry Teacher Workshops, and I’d love to have you join me. These courses will be the 7th and 8th respectively, that I have offered online. Below you will find details of the workshops but, if after reading this post […]

Here’s the annual, November bonding rant!

Maybe I teach this topic really, really badly. I think what’s closer to the truth, is that it takes time for kids to get a good handle on the semantics and language of bonding terminology. Teaching AP Chemistry to sophomores that have no chemistry background, in one year, doesn’t afford us that luxury. I’ve written […]

2016 #MoleDay Meme

Here’s 2016’s offering. It’s a SUNDAY for goodness sake. Previous years below. 2015 2014 General Advice

ChemSketch – Student’s first attempts 2016

Honestly I’m not a fan of sharing student work in general (I think that sharing has limited value) however this is one of the rare occasions I like to. Because I am so fond of ChemSketch, I like my Introduction to Organic Chemistry students to have a go and grapple with it. Each year I […]

Elephants, fentanyl, carfentanil and death in middle America

At the start of the school year in August of 2015, I read a number of stories (for example, here, here and here) about fentanyl, a drug that was apparently taking a terrible toll across Canada. Several of the stories described those most affected as, ‘middle-class, recreational drug users’. That phrase was supposed to point […]

AP Chemistry 2016 Exam debrief from BCCE 2016

Here’s my take on the 2016 AP chemistry exam debrief, offered by members of the College Board, that occurred at the 2016 BCCE meeting on the morning of Wednesday, August 3rd. As ever, these notes are made quickly at the time, and no recording is allowed. I mention that since if anyone finds anything that […]

2016 AP Chemistry scores

Here’s my take on the 2016 AP Chemistry Scores. Actually, it’s more a repetition of what I have said about the re-distribution of scores that we have seen on new exam, and a re-examination of the 2015 scores. Bear with me! Something just doesn’t make sense about the AP chemistry scores on the new exam. […]