UTC: Monday, July 23rd, 2018

4s & 3d, 3d & 4s, Cu & Cr, sloppy Aufbau & Eric Scerri!

Yeah, that’s an inelegant title to say the least, but behind it is an elegant piece of chemistry that is struggling to get recognition. Yesterday I had the enormous pleasure and privilege to chat with UCLA chemistry professor and venerable author and expert on the periodic table, Eric Scerri. Eric and I chatted about a […]

Hund’s Rule is the same as the urinal rule…..

…..no pairing until absolutely necessary!

Subscriber Updates

AP Worksheet 3a has been updated in the relevant subscriber areas.

Subscriber Updates – AP Worksheet Upgrade Completed

One month ahead of schedule the AP Worksheet upgrade has been completed. All subscribers should find the new AP Worksheet package in their subscriber areas. In the final analysis, the AP Worksheet package actually came out at 94 worksheets plus the appropriate answers. For full titles of the worksheets and their relationship to the old […]

My latest writing project

In conjunction with Applied Practice, Dynamic Wordworks and Series Editor David Emmerson, I have written a series of AP Chemistry materials aimed at AP exam preparation in the classroom. The books are categorized into a series of topics and consist of AP style multiple-choice & free response questions. The first four books in the series are […]

AP Pop-Up Questions for TOPIC 3 now added