UTC: Saturday, December 16th, 2017

2017 AP Chemistry Reading

With 2017 AP Chemistry Reading finishing a few days ago, we have now begun to hear from some of the readers with their notes and reflections regarding the grading of the 2017 Operational Exam. I wanted to collate all that I have heard about the reading in this blog post, together with some data released […]

Online AP Chemistry Review Courses 2017

In the Spring of 2017 I will be offering the inaugural, Online AP Chemistry Review Courses for AP Chemistry STUDENTS. For many years I have offered the very popular Online AP Chemistry Summer Workshops for teachers, and now it’s time to boost AP scores from a student point of view. I will offer two, independent, six […]

More, potentially useless Wordles

I recently re-visited the Wordles that I first produced in June of 2013 for the original versions of my AP Chemistry notes for Big Ideas 1-6. You can read about them here. Before I update those Wordles again to reflect the newer versions of the notes more than 2 years down the road (which I […]

Subscriber Updates (08-31-15)

The UNIT 01 notes have been tweaked very slightly on page 41, in order to reflect what we found out over the weekend following the release of the 2015 practice exam, and which is discussed briefly, here. Additionally, a new Organic Quiz Page has been added for subscribers.  

Another reason to read this ‘tabloid’ blog

Having had this blog described by a member of the College Board’s AP Chemistry Test Development Committee as a ‘tabloid’, I conclude that perhaps AP chemistry folk should be reading more tabloids! On April 7th I wrote this post. Today, the ‘secure’ AP chemistry practice exam for 2015 was released to teachers that have audited […]

Here’s a question that will be on the 2015 AP Chemistry exam

Well, maybe…..but probably not. Oh, I dunno! This evening, Paul Price led an AACT sponsored webinar entitled, ‘Reviewing for the AP Chemistry Exam‘. As a pretty experienced AP chemistry teacher who spends an inordinate amount of time carefully studying this type of thing, there wasn’t anything in the webinar that I didn’t already know, but […]

Periodicity: A couple more things

When you read my AP notes on periodicity from Big Idea 1, you’ll find a couple of popular things missing. These two things have been omitted deliberately, but I wanted to touch upon them here, just in case you run into them when looking at other resources connected to AP chemistry, or if you want […]

Subscriber Updates (09-18-14)

AP Worksheet 01f has been slightly amended.

Subscriber Updates (09-15-14)

AP notes for Unit 01 have been updated with the word ‘left’ replacing with the word ‘right’, on page 34!

Subscriber Updates (09-09-14)

OK, there have been quite a lot of significant additions and updates surrounding the intense activity of the opening of the school year. In the last couple of weeks you may have noticed the following changes; AP Worksheets o1m (Beer’s law) and o1o (organic molecules in Mass Spec) have been added (answers to 01o are […]