UTC: Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Online AP Chemistry Review Courses 2017

In the Spring of 2017 I will be offering the inaugural, Online AP Chemistry Review Courses for AP Chemistry STUDENTS. For many years I have offered the very popular Online AP Chemistry Summer Workshops for teachers, and now it’s time to boost AP scores from a student point of view. I will offer two, independent, six […]

More, potentially useless Wordles

I recently re-visited the Wordles that I first produced in June of 2013 for the original versions of my AP Chemistry notes for Big Ideas 1-6. You can read about them here. Before I update those Wordles again to reflect the newer versions of the notes more than 2 years down the road (which I […]

log, ln, units and activities

Honestly, I don’t pretend to be a good math student – in fact quite the opposite is true – so me trying to explain the niceties of transcendental functions (that’s what logs are, you know?) and such, is unlikely to end in either happiness or accuracy. Having said that, thanks to a lunchtime conversation with […]

Subscriber Updates (03-18-15)

The UNIT 4 notes have been tweaked a little, correcting a couple of typos and amending a couple of sentences for clarity. The AP Worked Answers for 1996, 3 and 1998, 8 have been updated.

Writing good answers to AP Kinetics problems

Here’s the latest in the ‘writing good answers’ series, Writing good answers to AP Kinetics problems. Most of these tips are based upon free response questions from the old curriculum, simply because as yet we having nothing else to go on, but having said that, all of these ideas are likely to still remain relevant […]