Chemistry Tutoring

Every individual student will have a unique chemistry tutoring need. There is absolutely no substitute for talking with me about your specific situation, so please contact me to schedule a no obligation chat. As you consider the exact detail of your own wants and needs, it might be useful to think about some of the more general, tuition FAQ’s below. Chemistry Tutoring

Why should I consider private chemistry tutoring for my high school aged son or daughter?

Many high school students find that chemistry is a challenging subject for a variety of reasons. Those reasons include the intellectual demands of the subject, difficulties with the mathematical aspects of chemistry, and problems associated with the instruction they are receiving at school (often related to issues such as class size, teaching styles and other agendas). As a result, many students will fail to reach their full potential in the subject. Private chemistry tutoring will help the student reach that potential. This may be a question of simply getting them to pass a class in the subject, or helping them to become the ‘chemistry valedictorian’, or any point in between. The extra help that a student receives from private tuition removes many of the obstacles that they may be experiencing at school, and the one-on-one attention and tailored sessions that they receive will likely be extremely beneficial in a variety of situations.

Should I consider a cheaper alternative to an experienced teacher, for example a graduate student?

Typically, otherwise capable graduate students with good subject knowledge, will lack three crucial qualities. Firstly they are likely to be very inexperienced teachers. Secondly they may have a very tenuous grasp of what is required of high school students and as a result fail to pitch their instruction at the correct level. Thirdly they lack the formal professional qualifications and training that an experienced teacher will possess. The combination of these shortcomings may result in tuition that is relatively ineffective.

How can I ensure that my son or daughter gets the most from their tuition?

Students and their parents must communicate, and agree, about the need for chemistry tutoring. It is highly unlikely that effective tuition will take place when the student is receiving tuition under duress. This can make for difficult and awkward circumstances that are not conducive to learning. A co-operative attitude is required for maximum benefit.

Where and when does tuition take place?

If we are talking about local, face to face tuition, then I prefer to conduct sessions in the students home if at all possible. A quiet place to work is essential. It is most comfortable for all parties if an adult be present at home when tuition is taking place. If this is not possible, public places such as coffee shops, bookstores and libraries offer alternatives. The majority of my tutoring work takes place at the end of the school day and early evenings. Occasionally, weekend sessions are possible.

What if I don’t live close, or it is difficult for me to meet face-to-face? Can you provide virtual, online chemistry tutoring options?

Absolutely, in fact this method of delivering instruction is increasingly popular with ALL students, even those who are local to me in the local area. Sessions are conducted remotely via Skype, where the tutee and I communicate via audio. By utilizing the Skype screen sharing feature during the call the student can simultaneously see any documents that I am using and follow the explanations that I am giving via my iPad Air and Doceri software. Shared Google Docs allow the student to communicate their ideas back to me simultaneously.

Chemistry Tutoring

I have worked remotely with many tutees including students from every timezone in the USA, and internationally in several countries including Singapore and India. Please contact me for further details.

As a parent, how can I follow progress?

Each student will have a private Google Doc set up, where the content of all meetings and payments will be recorded.

Do you recommend other materials?

In many cases, subscriptions to allow full and unlimited access to my teaching materials can prove to be an excellent addition to the work that I do with students. Although I will continue to provide materials as needed in each session, having 24/7 access to a larger pool of resources can be a huge boon for many students. In addition, I STRONGLY advise all of my AP students to purchase my AP Chemistry Crash Course book.

How often do you meet tutees?

For the majority of the school year most tutees prefer to meet for one hour each week. However, this is entirely flexible and fewer sessions, more sessions or longer sessions can be arranged by agreement in relation to need. Closer to exam time it is more common for extra hours of tuition to be arranged.

What do you charge, and what are your terms and conditions?

My most recent fees and terms & conditions are listed below.

Fees and Terms & Conditions

1. For face-to-face tuition I usually meet students in their own homes if this is at all possible ‎ (this can be dependent upon where you live). If we do meet at the tutee’s‎ ‎ home then it is essential that another responsible person be at home during the lesson for ‎ (hopefully) obvious reasons, otherwise it may be necessary for us to meet in a public ‎ place such as a coffee shop or library.

2. The majority of my work is carried ‎ out in the late afternoon/early evenings (4 pm-8 pm) during the week or very‎ ‎ occasionally on weekend mornings.‎

3. My current fee for one hour of tuition is $95.00 payable prior to each ‎ session by check, cash or credit card. Credit card payments are possible ‎ via PayPal or the Intuit Payment Network. Checks ‎ should be made payable to Adrian Dingle.‎

4. As well as the face-to-face time that I spend with the student, I am also happy ‎ to enter into a reasonable amount of email correspondence between sessions.‎