Intro to Organic Chemistry NOTES

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UNIT 01 – Nomenclature

UNIT 01 NOMENCLATURE (07/12/16 12:18 PM)

Covers the basics of organic nomenclature that you will need in this course.

UNIT 02 – Isomerism

UNIT 02 ISOMERISM (07/13/16 11:07 AM)

Treatment of some simple principles of isomerism.

UNIT 03 – Mechanisms

UNIT 03 MECHANISMS (07/12/16 12:20 PM)

A look at electron pushing and curly arrows both in general principle, and in the context of a few, specific, selected mechanisms.

UNIT 04 – The Reaction Catalog

UNIT 04 THE REACTION CATALOG (07/12/16 12.21 PM)

A list of 21 reactions of common organic functional groups that allow inter-conversion.

UNIT 05 – Structure Determination


A quick look at chemical and physical methods of structure determination.

UNIT 06 – Synthesis

UNIT 06 SYNTHESIS (07/12/16 12:23 PM)

Planning the pathways to synthesize some molecules in the context of the reaction catalog.