Intro to Organic Chemistry WORKSHEETS

UNIT 01 – Nomenclature

01a Nomenclature (Hydrocarbons) Answers
01b Nomenclature (Halogen compounds) Answers
01c Nomenclature (Alcohols) Answers
01d Nomenclature (Aldehydes & Ketones) Answers
01e Nomenclature (Acids & Derivatives) Answers
01f Nomenclature (Nitrogen compounds) Answers
01g Molecular Formula from Structure Answers

UNIT 02 – Isomerism

02a Isomers of Octane Answers
02b Isomerism Answers
02c ChemSketch N/A
02d E/Z and cis/trans notation Answers
02e Conformers Answers
02f Structural Isomers Answers

UNIT 03 – Mechanisms

03a Curly Arrows & Mechanisms I Answers
03b Curly Arrows & Mechanisms II Answers
03c Mechanisms Answers
03x Mechanisms with ChemSketch Answers

UNIT 04 – The Reaction Catalog

04a Reactions Answers
04b Stars of Reaction I N/A
04c Stars of Reaction II N/A

UNIT 05 – Structure Determination

05a Structure Determination (Chemical) Answers
05b 1H NMR I Answers
05c 1H NMR II Answers
05d 1H NMR III Answers
05e Mass Spectrometry Answers
05f Structure Determination Summary Answers

UNIT 06 – Synthesis

06a Synthesis Answers