Purchase Order Information

If you would like to purchase a subscription using a school purchase order, then please fill out this form. Once the form has been completed, here’s what will happen.

  • Using the data from this form I will generate an invoice and email it to you
  • That invoice should allow the business office at your school to generate a PO (if you do not already have one).
  • Please email the PO to me
  • As soon as I have the PO in my possession then I take that as a guarantee of payment, and I will manually set up the subscription for you
  • Once the subscription is set up, I will email the access details to you and you will be good to go
  • Once you have access, please inform your business office and the invoice/PO becomes payable

Purchase Order Detail

Data for generating a PO
  • Person who will use the subscription
  • Email of the person who will use the subscription
  • Person who will process and pay the invoice
  • Email address of the person who will process and pay the invoice
  • If you already have one
  • If you have a copy of the PO, please attach it
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx.