UTC: Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Regular Labs


TOPIC 01 – Matter & Measurement

01b Density (Significant Figures)

TOPIC 02 – States of Matter

02a Specific Heat Capacity
02c Cooling Curve (with LabQuest)
02c Cooling Curve (with LabQuest MINI)
DEMO 2a Elements, Mixtures & Compounds

TOPIC 03 – Elements, Atoms, Ions & Molecules

03a Conservation of Mass

TOPIC 04 – Inorganic Nomenclature

04a Inorganic Nomenclature

TOPIC 05 –  Chemical Reactions and Equations

05a Chemical Reactions & Equations

TOPIC 06 –

06a Precipitation Reactions

TOPIC 07 –

07a Empirical Formula
07b Empirical Formula of an oxide of copper
07c Formula of a Hydrated Salts
07d Limiting Reactant & % Yield

TOPIC 08 – Gases

08a Determination of R – The Universal Gas Constant

TOPIC 09 –

09a Preparing a standard solution
09b Acid versus hydrogen carbonate titration
09c Micro Scale Titration
09d Titration Simulation
09e Acid versus Hydroxide Titration

TOPIC 10 –

10a Flame Tests