UTC: Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Fixing the AP audit

One of reasons that the audit was brought in, was to attempt to eliminate the problem that colleges were experiencing of kids turning up on campus with a transcript grade of say, ’95’ for an AP chemistry class, but apparently next to no knowledge of chemistry! These kids had apparently, at the direction of their […]

The final straw?

If you know anything about me and my views on the College Board AP Chemistry audit process, then you’ll already know that my confidence in it is close to zero, and my respect for the whole process is basically non-existent. You can read about my audit saga here. If you read that post, you’ll see […]

My 2013-14 AP Chemistry Audit – the story

Today I have submitted my 2013-14 AP Chemistry Syllabus/Audit  (version 1 with more anticipated), and I thought it might be fun (and perhaps informative!) for me to document the process here. My thoughts on the original audit (and the latest one) are well documented, and I see no point in a detailed re-hashing all of that […]