UTC: Friday, February 22nd, 2019

New and Odd AP Topic Review 2014

All of the topics below are things that I consider to be ‘odd’, or that are new for 2014. These are brief comments that are expanded upon in my notes, and in the REA AP Chemistry Crash Course book that I authored. Some of these concepts will be reflected in the ‘Exam From Hell’. PES […]

Net Ionic Equations in the AP exam 2014 and Beyond

As we all continue to speculate about the role of NIE’s in the new exam, I adapted my old TOPIC 12 notes in an attempt to focus things a little more. These notes probably still represent overkill at this stage, and to be honest they aren’t that much different to the old notes on NIE’s, […]

Beery Molecules – part 3, hypothesis

Following this post and this post, here’s the third in the series about the appearance of dubious molecules in beer/pop culture. This time we turn to Chicago and the relatively new brewery, Hypothesis. Below is the mock-up for their Hypothesis IPA. I say ‘mock-up’, because it isn’t quite clear to me if this beer has […]

Beery Molecules – part 2, artistic license

Following this post, here are a few more observations about beer, molecules, and what the art director can get away with when there are no chemists around! Hugh Malone is a Belgian IPA produced by the Allagash brewery in Maine, USA, as part of their tribute series. Those of you with a little beer chemistry […]

Beery Molecules – part 1, fictional molecules

Bear with me as I make a couple of seemingly unconnected statements, and then try to pull them together. Many people reading this blog will already know that one of the central passions in my life is beer – if you didn’t, now you do. The beer/chemistry marriage is generally a happy one, since there […]