UTC: Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Beery Molecules – part 6, why is humulone an ‘alpha acid’?

Having talked about humulone in a number of the other beery molecules posts, the title of this one poses a question that I actually do not know the answer to – I’m hoping that this post will attract some comments that will help me to understand why the ‘alpha acid’ label makes sense for humulone. […]

Beery Molecules – part 5, the one I missed!

I was taking a look back at this post about the Hypothesis IPA label, and I noticed that for some reason I had neglected one of the molecules that appeared there. Not sure why (or how) I missed it, but let’s quickly clear that up right here, right now. The third molecule looks much simpler […]

Beery Molecules – part 4, ‘skunky’ beer

Having written this, this and this before, you’ll know that I like to read (and write) about beery molecules. As such, I was intrigued to receive an email from Kate Lajtha at Oregon State University who sent me the photograph below, of one of her student’s sporting an organic chemistry based shirt that appeared to […]