UTC: Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Subscriber Update (02-02-16)

Here’s the latest Subscriber Update. In the last few days, the UNIT 5 and UNIT 6 AP NOTES have undergone some tweaking. There have been a few updates in terms of equation rendering to make the aesthetics are little nicer, and in terms of making it clear when ∆G° can be applied, and under what […]

More, potentially useless Wordles

I recently re-visited the Wordles that I first produced in June of 2013 for the original versions of my AP Chemistry notes for Big Ideas 1-6. You can read about them here. Before I update those Wordles again to reflect the newer versions of the notes more than 2 years down the road (which I […]

Subscriber Updates (02-27-14)

The Unit 5 notes have undergone some tiny typo changes on page 8. Nothing that changes any content or context.

Subscriber Updates (02-13-14)

The Unit 5 notes have had a paragraph added to page 28, the final page, along with a few, much less profound, tiny tweaks to syntax. This was done following a discussion with Pam Kimber about the meaning of LO 5.18 – thanks, Pam! The discussion has led to what I hope is a clarification and deepening […]

Subscriber Updates (02-08-14)

Unit 5, page 2 has been amended to correct a typo relating to the velocity of molecules – thanks Trudy!

Subscriber Updates (01-15-14)

This week there were a couple of updates to the q = m c Delta T problems, both in the AP Notes for UNIT 5, and on AP Worksheet 05c. These were to simply make the temperature changes a little more realistic by moving a couple of decimal places. Thanks to Daryl Westfield for the suggestions.

Subscriber Updates (01-22-14)

Unit 5, page 22 has been amended to make the amino acid and protein notes a little clearer, including a couple of tweaked diagrams.

Subscriber Updates (01-05-14)

One update to report. AP Notes UNIT 5  – A few minor tweaks to the Unit 5 notes.

Subscriber Updates (11-13-13)

A couple of updates to report. AP Notes UNIT 5  – In Task 5Bi, a typo of units of ‘g’ has been corrected to units of ‘kg’. There is a new page that lists AP Quizzes that I am using for the first time this year. This is an ongoing project and the build-out of […]

Making sense of ∆G and ∆G°, when it comes to equilibrium

Consider the two** equations that deal with Delta G (∆G). **Since this post was originally written in January 2012, the AP exam has changed. One of the changes was to remove equation #2 below from the equations & constants sheet. As such, I think that knowledge of it, and the consequences associated with it, are […]