UTC: Thursday, February 21st, 2019

My favorite element

When one does my job(s), and one writes the kind of stuff that I write, the question of what my favorite element might be comes up a lot – quite a lot in fact. Actually I don’t think that the question is one that I would have ever give any thought to were it not […]

A Book List for Chemistry Teachers

Here’s a book list for chemistry teachers inspired by Lowell Thomson, the globetrotting chemistry educator, as he throws down a challenge. Actually his question is timely, as this topic has been on my mind a lot recently. It stems from my summer reading at CHF, and my current writing project adapting Sam Kean’s The Disappearing […]

A note from Noah

Some of my favorite emails are the ones that I get from ‘fans’ of my books. Most of these fans are very young, and they write charming emails. Here’s one that I recently received from Noah in Washington DC, with my replies to his questions. Dear Professor Dingle, Hi Noah. I haven’t reached the dizzy […]

Announcing an exciting new book project

Very exciting news! A couple of weeks ago I signed a contract with the Hachette Book Group USA, to adapt Sam Kean’s Disappearing Spoon for young readers. Yeah, THAT Disappearing Spoon! Any chemistry teacher who has ever made a list of non-fiction, extra reading for one of their middle/high school physical science or chemistry classes, […]

Discovering all kinds of things!

I am now two weeks in to my Fellowship at The Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia, PA, and it has already been an amazing experience. Being exposed to an academic world that is not normally part of my day-to-day routine is itself an extraordinary privilege, but coupling that with the astonishing collections at CHF I […]

Association of British Science Writers

I am delighted to report that my application for membership of the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW) has been approved. I look forward to enjoying the benefits of membership of the association, and to contributing where and when I can.  

AIP Science Communication prize

This week I received the final part my prize for the AIP Science Communication Award. The Windsor chair is rather splendid, I think. The plaque details the book title, How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients.

AIP Award in San Diego

It took me a week to get over the jet-lag before I got around to posting this, but last Monday I was honored to receive the American Institute of Physics, Science Communication Award for 2014 in the Children’s Section. The award was presented for my book, How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients. Jason […]

’92’, The Russian Version! (Pinterest)

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Book Awarded

I had some amazing news confirmed yesterday. The book that I wrote back in 2011, and that has already won the 2011 School Library Association of the UK Information Book Award in England, and the 2012 Wissenschaftsbuch des Jahre Children’s Award in Austria, has now been recognized for a third time, this time here in […]