UTC: Thursday, February 21st, 2019

AIP Science Communication prize

This week I received the final part my prize for the AIP Science Communication Award. The Windsor chair is rather splendid, I think. The plaque details the book title, How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients.

AIP Award in San Diego

It took me a week to get over the jet-lag before I got around to posting this, but last Monday I was honored to receive the American Institute of Physics, Science Communication Award for 2014 in the Children’s Section. The award was presented for my book, How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients. Jason […]

’92’, The Russian Version! (Pinterest)

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Book Awarded

I had some amazing news confirmed yesterday. The book that I wrote back in 2011, and that has already won the 2011 School Library Association of the UK Information Book Award in England, and the 2012 Wissenschaftsbuch des Jahre Children’s Award in Austria, has now been recognized for a third time, this time here in […]

Writing books – sometimes it’s really, really hard

Being an author is hard. It’s hard for many reasons and believe it or not, it’s not all about going to the beach to find yourself, staring out to sea for six weeks, and writing the guts of a NYT best seller. Some people think it is. Nor is it (in almost all cases), about […]

Are there really only, ’92 naturally occurring elements’?

This question recently came up on the AP Chemistry listserv, and rather than answering it there (where I like to keep things strictly AP Chem if I can), I thought I would give the answer that I gave when I researched my book, “How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients‘, here instead. The answer […]

How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients, wins again. Zum Wohl!

Following the SLA Information Book Award for 2011 presented in November in London for my latest book, “How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients’, somewhat stunningly (at least to me), the book has gone on to win another award. This time, the German language version (Wie man aus 92 Elementen ein ganzes Universum macht) […]

Newsletter #11

Newsletter #11 can be viewed here.

‘How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients’ is nominated for big award!

The School Library Association (SLA) in the UK, has announced the nominees for the 2011 Information Book Award and ‘92‘ has been nominated in the 12-16 category. Read about the award and the nominees by clicking on the image below.   This is an enormous thrill for me, and a prestigious piece of recognition for […]