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Subscriber Updates (09-15-14)

AP notes for Unit 01 have been updated with the word ‘left’ replacing with the word ‘right’, on page 34!

Subscriber Updates (09-09-14)

OK, there have been quite a lot of significant additions and updates surrounding the intense activity of the opening of the school year. In the last couple of weeks you may have noticed the following changes; AP Worksheets o1m (Beer’s law) and o1o (organic molecules in Mass Spec) have been added (answers to 01o are […]

Developing more thoughts on Mass Spec

Following this original post on Mass Spec (written long before the new curriculum came into play) I have had some further thoughts on mass spec, and these extensions have been reflected both in a worksheet that I used last year, and a brand new worksheet for 2014-15. The worksheet that I used last year, AP […]

Summary of additions to new AP Chemistry curriculum – PART #2. Mass Spectrometry

This is the second in the series (the first is here) of short blog posts on the new content (as I currently see it) of the 2013-14 AP Chemistry Curriculum. Mass Spectrometry (at this level) is something that I know a little bit about. Now, although that statement in and of itself is accurate, like […]