UTC: Thursday, February 21st, 2019

2016 #MoleDay Meme

Here’s 2016’s offering. It’s a SUNDAY for goodness sake. Previous years below. 2015 2014 General Advice

2015 #MoleDay Meme

2013 is here, 2014 is here, and my general thoughts are here.

Meme for Mole Day ’14

This was my 2014, Mole Day Meme. 2013’s can be found, here.  

Mole Day? Have at it, but do me a favor

Mole Day approaches. What is Mole Day? It’s October the 23rd each year (10/23, geddit?), when some chemistry teachers decide to devote many class activities to the ‘celebration’ of the chemical mole – Avogadro’s number. Now, it will hardly be a revelation when I tell you that I’ve never ‘celebrated’ Mole Day, nor will I […]

What are you doing for National Mole Day?