UTC: Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Periodicity: A couple more things

When you read my AP notes on periodicity from Big Idea 1, you’ll find a couple of popular things missing. These two things have been omitted deliberately, but I wanted to touch upon them here, just in case you run into them when looking at other resources connected to AP chemistry, or if you want […]

The Spirit of the Question

My recent conversation with Eric Scerri that spawned this post, was initially provoked by his article from the previous week in Scientific American. It got me thinking about an old AP exam question from 2006, that asked about the as yet undiscovered element 119. That question was incredibly easy in the grand scheme of things, […]

Writing good answers to AP Periodicity problems

In my experience, the majority of kids understand most of the chemistry behind the periodic trends typically asked in AP, free response questions, but way too often they cannot express that knowledge in succinct, meaningful English that allows (and encourages) the graders to award credit. As a result, students tend to score poorly on a […]