UTC: Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Summer 2016 Maintenance & Improvements

Now that I am in review mode for the 2016 exam, my thoughts start to turn to Summer 2016 Maintenance & Improvements for the site and its materials. Here’s a note about some of the changes that you can expect to see for the start of the 2016-17 school year. This summer will see some […]

Subscriber Update (02-02-16)

Here’s the latest Subscriber Update. In the last few days, the UNIT 5 and UNIT 6 AP NOTES have undergone some tweaking. There have been a few updates in terms of equation rendering to make the aesthetics are little nicer, and in terms of making it clear when ∆G° can be applied, and under what […]

Subscriber Updates (11-27-15)

There have been quite a number of changes to the UNIT 03 notes, many of which are cosmetic, but one of which is certainly not. The College Board policy of randomly deciding that Le Chatelier arguments are no longer acceptable for discussions surrounding predicting the voltage in non-standard cells, coupled with their rejection of the […]

Subscriber Updates (11-13-15)

A couple of minor tweaks to the references, and one typo fixed, in the UNIT 02 notes.  

Subscriber Updates (09-07-15)

Two new AP Quizzes have been added, and both the Lab Report document and the AP Inquiry Lab 01a have been tweaked.  

Subscriber Updates (09-04-15)

Answers to Organic Worksheets 01b, 01c and 01d have been added.  

Subscriber Updates (08-31-15)

The UNIT 01 notes have been tweaked very slightly on page 41, in order to reflect what we found out over the weekend following the release of the 2015 practice exam, and which is discussed briefly, here. Additionally, a new Organic Quiz Page has been added for subscribers.  

Subscriber Updates (08-15-15)

The UNIT 0 notes have been tweaked a little. There have been ongoing additions to the AP Multiple-Choice page with around 70 new questions (with more coming) added in the last week or so.  

Subscriber Updates (03-18-15)

The UNIT 4 notes have been tweaked a little, correcting a couple of typos and amending a couple of sentences for clarity. The AP Worked Answers for 1996, 3 and 1998, 8 have been updated.

Exciting news – web site improvements

Over the course of the last few months I have been having a few issues with the site, one of which, as a user, you may have encountered. Although the issues behind the scenes have been several and various, the one that you my have personally experienced is being locked out of the site for […]