UTC: Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Subscriber Updates (08-15-15)

The UNIT 0 notes have been tweaked a little. There have been ongoing additions to the AP Multiple-Choice page with around 70 new questions (with more coming) added in the last week or so.  

Significant figures on the AP Chemistry exam

What’s the deal? Good question! As far as I am aware (happy to be corrected), there has never been a clear, written policy on this matter from the College Board – yet ANOTHER failure to communicate; AP Chemistry Czar anyone? However, there was a ‘unwritten’ and ‘understood’ rule in place for many years, that a […]

Subscriber Updates (08-12-14)

A few minor tweaks have been made to the Unit o notes, including an additional problem added to Task 0Biv Q1., a light editing of the History of the Atom, and the addition of a LO reference.